Baan Maka Nature Lodge

Run by nature lovers for nature lovers

Facilities at the Lodge


Restaurant & Bar

Our opening times are designed around the requirements of our customers, from hardcore wildlife watchers to those who just want to relax.

Breakfast 5:30am until 9am.
Lunch 11am until 2pm.
Dinner 6pm until 9pm.

We serve a variety of Thai dishes for lunch and dinner and a western cooked breakfast for those that want more than toast and coffee/tea in the morning.
We bake our own bread, make our own sausages and cure our own bacon.

In the kitchen garden you will find Tingky Bar. This is open from 5pm until 7pm. Great for cold drinks, sunsets and some fun on our petanque court.



We have 5 hectares of grounds including gardens, forest, farmland and lakeside.

We have a few bird hides and feeders in the grounds.

There is a 1km forest trial around the edge of the grounds which can be walked during the day to look for birds and at night to look for snakes. We now also have a 500m loop trail around the hill at the back of the lodge allowing great views of the surrounding area and sunsets.

There are three kayaks (2 singles and 1 double) you are welcome to use to explore our lake which is about 1km long. 




We give you a choice of local expert guides.

Piak and Son have been guiding in Kaeng Krachan NP for years and know the place like no-one else. They are passionate and knowledgable about the birds and speak a little English. 

Games has been a bird guide around Thailand for many years, knows the park well and speaks good English. She can also take you to other local birding spots like the world famous shorebird site, Laem Pak Bia. 

See here for prices.


Nature study centre & shop

We have a library of field guides and reference books which cover most of Thai fauna including birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and fish.

We have a digital library of over 5000 species of Thai fauna taken by ourselves throughout Thailand. If you've photographed something in Thailand then we can probably identify it for you.

The shop sells a variety of drinks, snacks, T-shirts, field guides, batteries and other small items. 

Activities in the local area


Nature watching in Kaeng Krachan NP

There is not enough space here to give Kaeng Krachan NP the write up it deserves. Enough to say it is the most popular park in Thailand for nature watchers and wildlife photographers. You will need several visits at different times of the year to get a full idea of what the park has to offer. See here for more information


Bird & mammal watching at permanent hides

The area around the lodge is famous for the permanent hides the locals have set up in the forest. Food to eat and water to drink and bathe in is put down daily and the birds and small mammals come by in their dozens. Excellent for getting long views to enjoy their behaviour but most bring a camera and all leave with excellent shots. We can arrange visits to the hides at 250 Baht per person per day and they can usually booked on arrival at the lodge. See here for more information

Activities further afield


Bird watching at Laem Pak Bia

The shorebird site Laem Pak Bia is just an hour away and easy to visit for a day's bird watching. This is a highlight for all world birders as it is the easiest spot in the world to find Spoon-billed Sandpiper and Nordmann's Greenshank. 


Bird watching at Wat Khao Luk Chang

Just 30 minutes away is a remnant patch of dry dipterocarp forest where diurnal owls, woodpeckers and plenty of other good birds can be found.


Whale watching on the Gulf of Thailand (Not Currently Available)

Bryde's Whales feed in the Gulf of Thailand providing spectacular whale watching and photography opportunities. This can be done in a day trip from the lodge. This activity is available from September to December. See here for more details.

Family activities in and around the lodge


Kayaking on the lodge lake

We have two single kayaks and one double. You are welcome to take them out on the lake any time, free of charge. The lake is almost 1km long and it takes about an hour to paddle around it. 


Petanque at Tingky Bar

In our farm area is a bar open in the late afternoons and early evenings. A great place to be at this time to enjoy the wide open views and the sunset. We have a real petanque court with floodlights so you can play into the evening. 


Nature ramble to a waterfall (currently closed)

40 minutes from the lodge is a trail to the scenic Pha Nam Yot Waterfall. This is a 2km walk along a small seasonal stream in dense lowland forest. This is open all year but best visited between May and November when the stream is running. See here for more details.


Swimming in the Phetch River

20 minutes away from the lodge there is a row of small hotels and restaurants along a section of the river Phetch where lunch and a dip in the river can be had. This is great for children as the river can run fairly quickly in the middle but the edges are shallow and slow moving. 

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