Baan Maka Nature Lodge

Run by nature lovers for nature lovers

About Baan Maka

Gan and his family built Baan Maka around the year 2000. Gan set about providing everything amateur naturalists and professional bird guides and their customers would need in order to maximise their days in the park and the local hides. It soon established itself as the premier lodge in the Kaeng Krachan area and is the first choice for nature guides and photographers.

Gan has decided to take a break from running Baan Maka to head off and pursue his own wildlife based hobbies.

From now on Punjapa Phetsri will be the manager and will strive to continue Gan's good work and hopefully add some new facilities and activities to the lodge.

About Us

Punjapa Phetsri (Games), is well known in the Thai birding world having owned and run the bird guiding company South Thailand Birding for many years. Games decided it was a time for a change of lifestyle while remaining in the same area of tourism. Although this is Games's first venture into the accommodation business she has been in the guiding world long enough to know what nature enthusiasts are looking for in a lodge.

Ian, a retired Brit, has spent most of the last 15 years travelling the country observing, learning about, and photographing the wildlife. He lives on site (when not out and about exploring) and just loves to talk about birds, geckos, butterflies, frogs, rats, bats, etc, etc.

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