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Kaeng Krachan road closure 2018 - 2021

In early Oct 2018 an announcement was made by the park authorities that there was a plan to tarmac the road between Ban Krang campsite (km 15) and Phanoen Thung campsite (km 30). To do this, that section of the road would be closed for about 560 days starting on Nov 1st 2018.

Here we will keep an account of what we have heard regarding this development. We will  keep a list of questions here to which we have had answers to and another list of questions to which we have had no answers to as yet.

Everyone planning to visit Baan Maka and the park should visit this page occasionally to keep informed of the news.

This development is controversial and there a few groups in Thailand trying to overturn the plan.

Baan Maka will allow all customers to change their bookings with us at short notice with no penalty charges during this time. Our suggestion is that you wait as long as you can before making any changes to your plans as this development has not been finalised yet and the situation is likely to change frequently.

Meanwhile, Baan Maka and the freelance guides we work with will research alternative local areas both inside and outside the park where wildlife watching and photography can be done.

This will not effect wildlife watching and photography from the park entrance to and including Ban Krang campsite. It will not effect the local hides or the lodge.

Current access (as of 15/11/2021)

In 2021 the park opened on Oct 1st rather than the normal Nov 1st. This is apparently due to it now having World Heritage status. It is possible that this also means it will not fully shut in future wet seasons. 

The park is now open for vehicles and pedestrians up to the gate at the base of the mountain (km 18). This allows easier access to the stream section and the km18 trail.

Phanoen Thung is now open again. There are some restrictions and rules are changing frequently. Currently only registered local vehicles and drivers can go up the mountain in the morning. We have one such vehicle and driver which you can book to go and see the "Sea of Mist" in the morning or for general sightseeing for morning only or full day trips. Private vehicles are allowed up in the afternoons but only for camping, no returning the same day.

Pedestrians are allowed to use the road from Ban Krang to Khom Krit substation as far as the sign saying "Staff Only" (about 700m). This is the road that fords the stream on the left when arriving at Ban Krang. There is also a small loop on the right that runs around the Youth Camp.

The Pranburi Nature Trail from Ban Krang to stream crossing 1 is open. 

The Vanilla Trail (south) is open.

The Vanilla Trail (north) is open but only with a ranger or local guide.

Current understanding of future access (as of 15/11/2021)

There are rumours that Camp Nok (another sub-station within the park) will be opened to the public in the future.


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