Baan Maka Nature Lodge

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Microlight Trips around Kaeng Krachan

Add a thrilling ride to your visit to Kaeng Krachan with a flight in a microlight. Get stunning views of the lake and the park; at 2000 metres altitude you can see from the Gulf of Thailand to Myanmar. We have done this and thoroughly recommend it.

15 mins - 1500 Baht - A quick tour around the area of Kaeng Krachan Country Club.

30 mins - 2700 Baht - Fly around Kaeng Krachan lake and the foothills of Kaeng Krachan NP.

60 mins - 5000 Baht - Get a hornbill's view of Kaeng Krachan NP and the lake.

90 mins - 7500 Baht - Cover the whole area including Kaeng Krachan NP, the lake and Baan Maka.

Return transport to the airstrip can be arranged for a further 1000 Baht.

The following photos were taken during a 90 minute trip.