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Book direct with us or through an online travel agency

We have a booking engine on-site which allows you to book directly with us. We are also listed with several online travel agencies (OTA's) such as and Agoda. The rooms will cost the same to you but it is important that you know the benefits of each method.

OTA's typically charge us a commission of about 15% of the booking fee which amounts to about 40% of our potential profit at current room prices.

So, obviously, it is beneficial to us if you make your booking directly. In order to make it beneficial to you as well, we offer a much more flexible cancellation policy than that offered through the OTA's.



For first time domestic customers (based in Thailand) we ask for a 50% deposit payed by bank transfer at the time of the booking. For return customers and those based overseas we ask that you pay on arrival or checkout.

Late cancellation

We will be as flexible as possible and will refund any money paid in cases of illness or travel plan changes due to events outside your control.

Online Travel Agency


We ask for full payment at the time of the booking. This is payed through the OTA.

Late cancellation

We will of course, honour the cancellation/refund policy which we have set up with the OTA, however, in the case of a cancellation outside the stated policy, we will not refund any money. So, for instance, if you fall ill shortly before arriving or have to cancel your trip due to events outside your control, we will not lose out financially. It will be between yourselves and the OTA to come to some arrangement.

Thanks for your help.

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